9th April - 25th September 2022

Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2022


Veste Coburg Art Collections / European Museum for Modern Glass
Director: Dr. Sven Hauschke
Veste Coburg
96450 Coburg

The 5th edition of the Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass aims to provide a Europe-wide overview of current trends and developments in contemporary glass art and again take stock of the situation. The objective is to show which design and processing techniques artists currently use, which thematic content predominates and whether current social questions, such as sustainability, migration, political suppression, globalisation and climate change are taken into account. It is also a matter of ascertaining how far glass is still considered purely as a material or whether, given its numerous possible uses and special properties, such as transparency, it is viewed as a complex medium with multiple meanings.

For the exhibition at the Veste Coburg and the European Museum of Modern Glass in Rödental, a special educational programme for children, teenagers and adults is being developed on the theme of glass as a material in art and in the living world, and as a vehicle for meaning.

"Mechanics" has been selected for this exhibition.

21st January - 29th May 2022

Tg: transitions in kiln-glass


Bellevue Arts Museum 

510 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Bullseye Projects is pleased to partner with Bellevue Arts Museum to present Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass, a touring exhibition featuring the best of contemporary kiln-glass art, design, and architecture, selected through a juried competition with applicants from around the globe. Delighted to write my work "Gender" has been selected for this wonderful exhibition.

October 2021

Article for CGS


An article explaining how to approach the use of water-jet technology in both my work and in how others can apply the technology to their practice.


New Glass Review 41

Return to Analogue was one of 100 works selected for CMOG (Corning Museum of Glass) Yearly Glass Review. 

6th April to 15th September 201

NGC 21


Work selected to celebrate the National Glass Centre being 21 years of age. P2  was selected as my PhD was the first of its kind carried out at Sunderland, using the water-jet technology. https://sunderlandculture.org.uk/events/ngc-21/

10th February to 15th April 2018

Research Showcase - Vanessa Cutler

A showcase of work developed during a residency at the ngc during 2016-17 as part of the Creative Wales award. New works showcased  that were the development for Return to Analogue that was exhibited at British Glass Biennale in 2019 and selected for New Glass Review 41

Hawk Galleries

If you are interested in my work, especially if based in the USA and wish to know more about my work  Hawk Galleries recently exhibited my work and they have short video on their website discussing my practice. https://hawkgalleries.com/artist/vanessa-cutler/


6th March - 28th July 2020

Silica Valley -Pittsburgh Glass Centre

July 10th to October 3rd 2021

Toyama Glass Exhibition 2021


Due to covid the mueseum has temporarily closed. however you can view the exhibition virtually. https://toyama-glass.jp/vr2021-e/


24th August to 9th September 2017

Bruntnell Astley, White House Cone Exhibition


Bruntnell Astley

White House Cone Exhibition

Stourbridge, West Midlands.

 Since its launch in 2010 B-A has established itself as a major promoter of, and dealer in, the work of artists who use glass as an expressive medium. Its base in the Stourbridge was, for centuries, a traditional glassmaking area, but, since the demise of the factories has seen a regeneration in glass making through a network of small studios within which predominantly unique pieces are produced. In addition the area is also home to a world renowned collection of glass (currently being rehoused), and educational establishments with a long history of specialisation in glass. While Bruntnell-Astley has naturally reflected the richness of this area in its stable of artists it has always sought to develop a wider, more international profile. The selection criteria adopted by B-A cuts across boundaries to reach only work of great originality and quality. Following its successful presence at Collect 2017, the show planned for August will run as part of the 2017 international festival of glass, and will help to showcase the new White House Cone Museum building before Stourbridge`s  historical collection moves in.

The artists in this important show are, true to B-A`s ethos, from disparate backgrounds, and present a variety of approaches to their choice of material. Contributors vary in age and experience, from veteran Keith Cummings, with new works that reflect over half a century of involvement with glass in the Stourbridge area, and his life-time interest in glass casting, to newer artists like Simone Crestani who works in Venice and who presents ground-breaking, large scale  lamp-worked sculptural pieces. Techniques used by the exhibitors vary from those, like glass blowing, which have been used for millennia, to 21st century processes like water-jet cutting, and the resulting variety of form, colour and texture present an overall view of the material, used by a diverse body of artists in artefacts, that represent the very best of contemporary studio glass.

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