Chitter Chatter

2016 Creative Wales awarded by Art Council Wales, enabled the development of new works that involved a collaboration between  public, myself and industry. Using people handwriting to investigate technology and see how machines can replicate our identity. over 500 glass medals were produced, programmed, micro-waterjet cut and distorted. each medal is held on its own pin allowing the medal to hang freely and move in response to its environment. Sometimes the chatter is still other times busy letting you heard its voice. 

The handwritten word is probably our only realm of privavcy in this current technology driven society and in many schools cursive handwriting is no longer taught, what  privacy might the next generation have?

 The overall work was 1500mm x 1500mm. Each medal approxiamately 55mm diameter. Work recently exhibited at COLLECT 2017, Saachti Gallery London.

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